The Alliance for Global Justice fiscally sponsor organizations and projects with a local focus to organizations with a global focus, as well as organizations not based in the U.S. We sponsor humanitarian aid projects, direct service organizations, networks and coalitions, racial and social justice organizations, international human rights accompaniment work, legal defense projects, the list goes on. Read more about AfGJ's Fiscal Sponsorship Program and how to apply.

Action Bail Fund

 The Action Bail Fund supports legal cost associated w/ protest in NYC. We recognize that the US has weaponized the legal system to shut down dissent. We're here to support whoever needs it. No one should get stuck in jail bc they took to the street and shared their voice.

We are actively supporting the protests in New York City. 

Action LA (Los Angeles)

We are an activist-run, socially responsible, community-based, minority-owned web page design company offering first-class web page design and management services to businesses and to the activist community. Proud Member of Green America

Alerta Migratoria

Here in North Carolina and across the United States, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detains and deports those seeking asylum from the gang violence that plagues their homes throughout Central America. Minors are arrested at school, many times crossing state borders with no word sent to their families about their whereabouts or detainment.  Many families have inconsistent US citizenship statuses, and pending deportation orders send fathers and mothers right back into the violence of their home countries.

Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance

The Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance is a solidarity, anti-militarization group working to build a regional movement opposing the ongoing US/Israeli partnership that supports the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people and lands, and the increasing militarization of the US/Mexico border region.

Assata’s Daughters

Assata’s Daughters (“AD”) is a Black woman-led, young person-directed organization rooted in the Black Radical Tradition.

AD organizes young Black people in Chicago by providing them with political education, leadership development, mentorship, and revolutionary services.

Through our programs we aim to Deepen, Escalate, and Sustain the Movement for Black Liberation.

Beef Relief

Island Road Cattle Ranch is restoring a conventional beef cattle ranch on the homeland of confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation. We responded to the need for
a new business model that is sustainable at the interface between environmental
justice and agricultural production.

Black Lives Matter Tucson

Established in 2014, Black Lives Matter Tucson began as a group of radical Black folx inspired and empowered to demand an end to the state sanctioned violence against our community. 

We are a group who wanted to break free from the narrative being offered by those presented as Black Leaders, who incessantly proclaimed that “all lives matter”. That message functioned as a means to deny our collective lived truth: No lives can matter UNTIL Black lives matter. 

Black Movement Law Project

After working in Ferguson, Baltimore and Cleveland, lawyers and legal activists have come together to create the Black Movement-Law Project. BMLP provides legal support to local communities throughout the country as they demonstrate against police brutality and systemic racism. We believe in a community centered approach - providing holistic legal and technical service with an understanding that mass defense movement legal experience is often missing from the local equation.

BV Solidarity Project (BVSP)

In 1969, a coalition of young people formed the Venceremos (“We Shall Overcome”) Brigade, as a means of showing solidarity with the Cuban Revolution by working side by side with Cuban workers and challenging U.S. policies towards Cuba, including the economic blockade and our government’s ban on travel to the island. The first Brigades participated in sugar harvests and subsequent Brigades have done agricultural and construction work in many parts of the island.

Change-Links Newspaper (Los Angeles)

Change-Links was originated as a community calendar by the Winds of Change conference in Los Angeles over two decades ago.

John Johnson, who became editor and publisher of Change-Links, sustained the paper for many years as a non-sectarian calendar and resource of community cultural and political events. After he passed (April 2014), L.A. activists, including members of John’s family and others who’d worked on Change-Links came together to carry on the paper in his honor and in that spirit.

Chico Mendes Reforestation Project

Chico Mendes (fondly known as “El Proyecto” or “The Project”) is much more than just a reforestation organization in a rural town in Guatemala. With each tree planted, soil bag filled, and weed cleared, we sow the seeds of environmental justice in Guatemalan indigenous communities.

Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox is an independent online radio show and blog that strives to be completely free from establishment political ideology and focus on a message of peace, justice, environmental sustainability and economic equality. To this end, we provide educational and inspirational programs on topics related to these issues and we organize/promote actions working towards peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.

Clean up the Mines

Clean Up The Mines! is a campaign to clean up thousands of abandoned uranium mines throughout the US that emit radiation and heavy metals into the air, land and water.

Clean up the Mines! exists to pass legislation for:

Coalition of Women for Peace

The Coalition of Women for Peace is a feminist organization against the occupation of Palestine and for a just peace. Founded in November 2000, after the outbreak of the Second Intifada, CWP today is a leading voice in the Israeli peace movement, bringing together women from a wide variety of identities and groups. CWP is committed to ending the occupation and creating a more just society, while enhancing women’s inclusion and participation in the public discourse.

Colorado Freedom Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund (CFF) is a revolving community bond fund that pays ransom for our neighbors unjustly detained in cages across Colorado who cannot afford to buy their own freedom. Founded in 2018, we are an abolitionist organization working to end wealth based detention via legislation, litigation, and direct action. Posting money bond (paying cash bail) is one way we work to #BringOurNeighborsHome.

Courage to Resist

Courage to Resist supports the troops who refuse to fight, or who face consequences for acting on conscience, in opposition to illegal wars, occupations, the policies of empire abroad and martial law at home.   Our People Power strategy weakens the pillars that perpetuate these causes of immense violence. By supporting military resistance, counter-recruitment, and draft resistance, we intend to cut off the supply of troops for war, while pledging resistance to the policies of hate, repression, and the militarization of policing domestically.