The Alliance for Global Justice is the publisher of record of this important reader which tells the true story of last year’s US-funded failed coup against the Nicaraguan government. Released on April 18, 2019, the anniversary of the coup, this 324-page book is a truly collaborative effort of US and UK solidarity organizations and internationalists, most of who have lived in Nicaragua for decades. With 20 authors, video compilers, editors and proofreaders, the intention of this book is to counter the false narrative of the Nicaraguan opposition, their US government handlers, and the corporate media and the professional human rights industry.

Our data is better. Our narrative better conforms to the lived history of the last 39 years since the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution. And we centrally place the United States government in the role it has played continuously for 150 years of Nicaragua’s history. To listen to a 20 minute interview with me about the book broadcast on Sputnik Radio on April 29 click here.